Apps For Mobile Casino

Lucky Admiral Casino Click Here to Claim your BONUS! As you may have guessed from the other sections of our site, we are big advocates for joining sites that offer mobile platforms instead of downloading mobile casino apps but even we have to admit that there are some good ones out there! In case you don’t fancy joining a casino site, we have also given our expert advice on apps as well as sites.


iPhone casino apps tend to offer separate casino games as opposed to full casinos, however the exception is the 21 – in – 1 Casino and Sportbook app that holds, you guessed it, 21 different casino games and offers players unlimited chips and this can be downloaded for free! Of course must accept that those chips are of course simply there for fun! You can choose various blackjack games, craps, slots, various poker games, video poker and of course that fun sportsbook.


Like the iPhone, the Mobile Casino Apps for Android tend to offer just individual games so you need to search depending on what you want. If its slots you like then have a gander at Slot Machine which holds tonnes of slot games of all kinds with various paylines, themes and little mini games that include the likes of poker and more. They even offer jackpots, though they do not specify if these are real cash prizes however the app itself is free to download and play so don’t get our hopes up! This one is the most popular Android casino app online – 10 million users can’t be wrong!


Again unless you simply want to download just one type of casino game then Midnight Canso is the best Mobile Casino App for Blackberry users! This terrific app that costs just 99p offers all the casino staples like blackjack, roulette and poker and even holds some awesome mobile casino tourneys! The one drawback is that the Midnight Casino app does not offer slot games. Don’t worry – you could always have a go at the 365 Casino, however this one is a little more expensive at £2.99. This one offers slots as well as roulette, blackjack and poker and you get a tonne of free chips to play with. The reason that we all love downloading the mobile casino apps from real casino sites is because you are guaranteed the chance to snap up real cash jackpots whereas not one of these apps specified whether or not you could play for real! This is why casino apps like these are perfect if you want to just play for fun, but if you really want to catch some jackpots then you are best to download the mobile platform form your fave online casino. 

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