Windows Mobile Casino

Lucky Admiral Casino Click Here to Claim your BONUS! After failing to establish Windows Mobile as a viable brand in the smartphone market, Microsoft has been forced to retreat and focus on Windows Mobile as a type of operating system instead. Essentially, this places it in direct competition with the more widely used Apple iOS and Android, both of which have ruled the marketplace for a few years now. Where did it all go wrong for the humble Windows Phone? Well, it just didn’t seem to be popular among consumers, who instead opted for the more familiar electronics brand names of Samsung and HTC. After remarkably poor sales, manufacturing partner Nokia decided to exit the deal, prompting a takeover deal from Microsoft to acquire the Finnish company’s mobile device division in 2013. As a result, Microsoft was able to continue producing Nokia Lumias to operate on Windows Mobile.

Apple iOS and Android

Now that the core backstory has been covered, it is time to discuss Windows Mobile in relation to the mobile casino market. Basically, we can lead by saying that the majority of major casino software providers will not create a dedicated Windows phone casino app. Quite simply, this is because there are not enough people using the platform to make it worth their while. But don’t fret if you own, because HTML5 has opened up new possibilities. Essentially, a Windows Phone 8.1 online casino is now possible because many of the leading casino software developers now create their mobile casinos using HTML5, which allows for mobile games to be played within browsers rather than apps designed for specific operating systems. The chance to play casino on Windows Phone has improved, but how does it compare with Apple and Android. Well, Apple and Android can offer dedicated apps as they are highly appealing for software developers because they know people will play them. However, these could fall by the wayside as HTML5 means that developers would only have to create mobile content for a single platform. Don’t feel bad about the lack of apps, as it’s down to changing circumstances in the market.

Playing on Windows Phone

Although Samsung and HTC have made devices powered by Windows Phone, these two manufacturers are essentially just trialling the platform to cover the bases (both have considered developing their own in the past). However, the ultimate Windows Phone 8.1 device has to be the Nokia Lumia 930. This smartphone features a quad-core processor that is as fast as the dual-core processors of Samsung and Apple, which at least means that your casino games will function properly. Incredibly, all Lumias on Windows 8.1 have been developed with quad-core processors, so performance across the entire range is generally very good. That being said, the Nokia Lumia 930 is the clear winner because it boasts resolution of 1080×1920. Just imagine how fantastic your mobile casino games could look on that device. The dropdown in quality is 720×1080 for the Nokia Lumia 730.

Playing for Free

To get to grips with the Windows Mobile Casino experience, you can access a wide selection of free apps by paying a visit to and making a search for “casino”. Just-for-fun apps will appear, including Dragonplay Slots and Luckyo Casino, both of which are rated close to five stars and completely free of charge. In addition to those prospects, it is also to play for free at these popular mobile casino sites:

– Leading off the Windows Phone casino no deposit options is mFortune, where Windows Phone users can snag £5 free without a deposit. InTouch games are relatively unique within the market, so it’s worthwhile giving the online gaming library a shot.

– Next up, is even more generous by offering a £20 free-play offer. Again, that offer is also available with no deposit required. You will have access to Marvel slots like Fantastic Four and Wolverine when you register here.

– Complimenting the £200 welcome package is the inclusion of 50 free spins. Thrills was only launched in 2014, so the site offers a fresh experience with its multi-platform games from the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming.

Microsoft is doggedly committed to making Windows Mobile and the Nokia Lumia range a success. However, we’ll have to wait and see if they can make that happen. In the meantime, there is casino gaming to enjoy.

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