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Online slots are now filled with video sequences, soundtracks, special effects, and bonus games to make the experiences more thrilling than ever. Before continuing, it would be a great idea to tour a few of the best online casino destinations for slot lovers.

Top Slot Releases

There are now so many different slot themes and features to explore, but these are the best online slots UK experiences for you to learn more about:

Casinos with Real Money Slots

There are tonnes of UK online slots that will enable you to play for real money rather than just for fun. The upcoming list features casino sites that excel for both slot selection and welcome bonuses.

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Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral has just re-launched and now offers up to 500 free spins on your 1st deposit!

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Slots Bonuses to Look for

Slot games can offer the chance to claim a few different casino bonuses. Above, you might have seen a number of examples already, but these are the top categories to look forward to.

No Deposit Slots

With no deposit slots, you get to receive a portion of free credit that is to be used for playing games. Ideally, you want to look out for free no deposit credit, but casinos can also award these deals to existing players.

Free Spins

The next main opportunity is to receive free spins that are attached to specified slot games. These can be integrated within welcome packages that introduce new players, while other times you will receive free spins to use on new video slots.

Welcome Bonuses

At the time that you sign up with a casino site, you absolutely should expect to receive a boost to your initial deposit. For example, you should demand 100% or better from your welcome bonuses. At the same time, it’s unreasonable to be awarded a welcome package filled with multiple deposit bonuses alongside free spins.

Deposit Slots Bonuses

With these bonuses, you will find that they are exclusively available through making a deposit. This can often be through welcome packages over multiple deposits.

Free Rounds Bonus

A casino might invite you to trial a new slot game by awarding a handful of complimentary rounds that are available as pre-assigned wagers.

In-game Bonuses

Correctly land bonus symbols or scatters and you could obtain special multipliers or trigger special features. Bonus rounds, side-games, and free spins are some top examples of the rewards.

Cashback Bonuses

These are an enticing option for their ability to restore your bankroll after a selection of bad beats. Enrol in cashback events and you could earn 10% cashback on your losses for specified days at your casino. 

Slot Promos

Watch out for slot events such as leaderboard challenges and tournaments. These can be judged by the amount of winnings or wagering that you achieve, with prizes awarded to the top performers.

Pick and Match/Pick to Win Prizes

Some casinos have mini games where players are encourage to use a quirky slot machine of spinning reel to win prizes through matching symbols or just picking at random.

Exclusive Bonuses

These commonly appear in loyalty schemes as a means of rewarding VIPs. By showing commitment to their wagering, VIPs can benefit from bonuses that are exclusive to them.

Different Types of Slots

There is tremendous variety when it comes to how slot games are made. Before considering a slot theme, software developers will generally know the technical style in which they want to make a game.

Classic Slots

A classic slot generally takes you back to the first days of slot machines. You will typically encounter old school images (e.g. 7s, bars, and fruit) that are displayed on three-reel design. These slots can then have one or a couple of paylines to win along. They are the easiest to understand, but they lack of the depth of cutting-edge online slots.

Video Slots

Online casinos made players take notice because of the superior graphics compared to olden slot machines. This soon inspired a new wave of video slots that feature animated graphics and symbols. From a technical standpoint, video slots most commonly take the form of a five-reel design and can include three or more rows.

Multi-line Slots

The early days of video slots saw the games releasing with anywhere from several to 25 paylines, which were used to cover five reels. However, some developers are adding many more paylines to provide others ways of winning and stimulate added excitement. These slots can often include 40 paylines, 50 paylines, or even more than 1,000 ways to win.

3D Slots

3D slots are slot that go beyond the visual standards of entry-level video slots. The interface is stretched back to add a third dimension on the screen, with characters usually displayed at the sides of the reels and performing various movements. Meanwhile, they can also boast special videos and animations to further maximise the 3D potential.

Slots with Bonus Features

Bonus features can come in many different forms, including side-games, special rounds, and even free spins. Therefore, slots with these features can appear in this category. Having bonus features makes these slots worth coming back to time after time.

Progressive Slots

These slots have to have progressive jackpots, but the pots can come in different forms. Progressive jackpots increase through continued wagering from players, with the following categories available:

•  Standalone: A basic type of progressive where the jackpot is available only for a specific type of game at one casino. These are most commonly found on small or niche casino networks.

Local area: For local area, this could be used to explain a casino-wide progressive jackpot that covers multiple slots, but is not available at other sites. This approach allows for jackpots to grow larger than if they were standalone on select games.

•  Wide area: These are jackpots connected across every casino that has a certain type of slot or slots. Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming have all created linked progressive jackpots of this nature where millions are routinely up for grabs.

Flat-top Slots

This is simple definition used to explain the jackpot potential of a slot. Progressive slots could theoretically be unlimited in some cases, whereas flat-top slots have a limited maximum jackpot where there will be a top-level multiplier in place.

Slot-playing Tips and Strategy

Online slots don’t involve skill elements – make no mistake about it. To get the most out of these slots, you are required to make smart decisions in the hope that good fortune eventually shines down on your gaming session. These are some factors to consider:

•   Choosing the game: After selecting a slot, you should perform a quick evaluation. For starters, you might want to look at the minimum/maximum bet. Also, it’s important to look at the value of the multipliers in the base game. Perhaps you won’t be interested if these are only in the low 100s.

•   Number of reels and symbols: The next evaluation is to check out the reels and rows. Five reels and three rows to yield 15 symbols will give you a slot that doesn’t cost a large sum to cover all the paylines. However, it could be more costly and riskier to have 20 symbols from five reels and four rows.

•   Volume of paylines: Bear in mind that the number of paylines will determine the value of your wager on each spin. For example, 50 fixed paylines will usually cost double compared to 25 paylines.

•   Return to player: Quite simply, this is the overall return that can be expected from long-term wagering. An excellent RTP percentage is 96.00%, but many impressive slots also have 94.00% or above.

•   Slot variance: Low variance slots offer consistently low wins, whereas high variance slots deliver infrequent big wins. It’s important to figure out your acceptable level of risk because high variance slots are often more expensive.

•   Progressive jackpots: These are increasing jackpots that get larger with every real-money wager. You can either match specific symbols or win these jackpots entirely at random. Please note that bonuses are usually ineligible on these slots, given that real-money stakes drives them.

How to Score Free Spins on Casino Sites

It will come as music to your slot-playing ears that it’s now extremely simple to find free spins at the top casino sites. Check out these methods of obtaining free spins and start taking full advantage of them:

•   Bonuses: You can obtain bonuses in the form of free spins and bonus funds. These will often be available through no deposit offers, welcome packages, and reload deals. Keeping your bankroll well-funded will give you much more time and funds for experiencing the best slots on the casino marketplace.

•   Promos: These are the on-going opportunities that can be found through the promotional pages of online casinos. Some brands are better than other others for providing options, but you should generally watch out for tournaments and special events offering you the chance to snag some free spins to use.

•   Newbie offers: You can also find more specialised opportunities that are designed to offer trials to new players. Ideally, you will want to snag these newbie offers without having to make a deposit. Watch out for no deposit bonuses and free spins as the most common offers to unlock.

•   VIP rewards: Consistent wagering is almost always rewarded at casino sites, with the majority of brands hosting some form of loyalty initiative. Keep on wagering with your favourite casino and this will usually be a reliable way of triggering free spins. Just make sure to check out the VIP tiers and monthly wagering targets to hit.

•   New slot releases: Slots are becoming more advanced than ever before. Nowadays, you can even enjoy video slots that are based on your favourite movies. To make the releases as big as possible, your casino could offer free spins in order to encourage players to try newly released games.

A-Z Slots Glossary

This guide is designed to be a long-term resource to support your online slots gaming. And the A-Z slots glossary is perhaps the single-biggest reason why you will need to keep coming back time after time. Without further ado, here are the most common terms that you will encounter when playing online slot games:

•   Free spins: A special feature where you receive spins for free.

•   Paylines: Lines that travel horizontally across the reels. These are displayed in different patterns and will payout when symbols are matched over them.

•   Reels: The vertical strips of the interface that spin around the slot.

•   Rows: These are the horizontal portions of the vertical reels.

•   RTP: This simply stands for return to player and signifies the percentage of winnings players can expect to bring back with long-term wagering.

•   Scatters: These are usually included to unlock free spins.

•   Symbols: The visual images that appear over the reels and rows. Players have to match these to create winning combos.

•   Variance (low/high): Used to define whether slots pay out often and low, or seldom and high.

•   Wilds: Substitutes for missing symbols.

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