Online Blackjack

If there’s one game everyone loves to play, then it has to be blackjack, sitting at a table with other players or alone with a dealer as you hope your next card delivers a win. Having to consider your cards and knowing when to hold them or fold them is incredibly appealing.

Where to Play

Because of the popularity of blackjack, there are hundreds of different websites where you can play for real cash. Rather than go through them all, we’ve produced a selection of the best prospects out there:

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What Are the Rules of Blackjack?

The goal of the game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, but without going over 21 and becoming ‘bust’. The dealer will hand out two cards to each player while also keeping two. After receiving your two cards you’ll potentially have the option to hit, stand, double down, or split:

  • Choosing hit will get you another card from the dealer
  • Stand will signify you don’t want any more cards
  • The double down option will double your bet
  • Split turns a pair of matching cards into two separate

Blackjack Variants

Blackjack comes in several fun variants to ensure that the action stays fresh, but these are the top options found at casino sites:

  • Classic: The classic version of blackjack is all about finishing closest to 21 and creating the odd split when suitable.
  • Double exposure: Both dealer cards are shown from the beginning, but blackjack payouts are reduced from 3:2 to even-money and ties will result in a player loss.
  • Switch: The player receives two hands and is permitted to switch the top two cards between each.
  • Progressive: Players can make side-bets on an additional outcome, such as matching a perfect pair. The reward is to receive the progressive jackpot.
  • Five-hand: This is commonly know as multi-hand blackjack. Players are permitted of betting on up to five hands when competing against the dealer.
  • Single-deck: Classic blackjack is played with up to eight decks of cards. In this case, there is only one deck for the dealer to draw from.
  • Multiplayer: Get competitive and start playing against other people in this interactive version of blackjack that’s commonly available at live casinos.

Blackjack Strategies

In blackjack, it’s difficult to constantly be aware of the exact percentages and probabilities that arise based on the current cards that both you and the dealer hold. This is why many players turn to pre-defined blackjack strategies that are based on set outcomes:

  • Martingale: This is a highly aggressive strategy where you double your stake after every single loss. Logically, this works on the rationale that you will eventually beat the dealer and claim back all of your losses in one hand.
  • Paroli: Next up on the list is the Paroli system, which calls for you to double your bet after every win, but leave it the same after a loss. The Paroli system’s goal is to achieve three consecutive wins.
  • Parlay: This is more common in roulette or sports, but its application in blackjack would require you to start with a set betting value and then plan to win a specific amount in an exact number of bets.
  • 1-3-2-6: The numbers in the cycle are the unit values that must be staked. However, you can only progress through the cycle with consecutive wins and must return to the start with a loss.
  • Labouchère: You can write down a series of ones on a page. Each bet will then be the value of the first and last numbers on the list. Win and you remove both numbers, but losing will call for them to be repeated at the bottom.

What to Look for in Blackjack Casinos

Not all blackjack sites are created equally, but there are some qualities to consider when figuring out which are the best:

  • Blackjack bonuses: Finding a blackjack-specific bonus is hard, but the availability of a dedicated bonus can make for a compelling reason to try a casino.
  • Low/high stakes: Blackjack tables must span a wide array of stakes to give you the ability to play based on the current value of your bankroll.
  • Blackjack variants: Playing the same version of blackjack can become dull. Finding a site with numerous variants will give you the ability to shake up the action whenever should so desire.
  • Mobile access: Some blackjack games are quite poorly designed and will not perform well on smartphones or tablets. Make sure that your casino works well on mobile devices.
  • Live dealers: Live blackjack offers thrilling excitement and can give you the ability to track results with in-game statistics.

Free-to-play Options

Playing a free-to-play option is one of the top online blackjack strategies, as it allows you to get to grips with the games rules and controls, plus it lets you work out your own tactics. Although it might initially seem difficult, there are plenty places that you can play online blackjack free games, since the majority of online casino sites offer practice versions.
Some tutorial forums will also provide you with links to separate sites or special game rooms that will let you play online blackjack free. Once you’ve had enough practice, you can start playing online blackjack for money. Again, the majority of casino sites will allow you to play blackjack, so you’re pretty spoiled for choice.

Is Live Blackjack Any Different?

Another area of online blackjack that is definitely worth trying out is the live version. Although it will initially require a period of familiarization, the live games of blackjack can be even more exciting than the standard versions.
For starters, these games have a more social atmosphere because you’re dropped in with several other players and a real-life blackjack dealer. In these rooms, you can try to chat to everyone, giving you all the fun of being at a blackjack table from your very own home.
The next time you decide that you want to start playing online blackjack real money hands, just keep this helpful guide handy. Looking to play multi-hand blackjack online? This guide is for you.

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