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With most industries and marketplaces, there will be big fish and small fish producers for a certain type of product or service. That is true for online casino software. In this article we will focus on a smaller game studio called InTouch — which nevertheless has a loyal (maybe even ‘cult’) following of players.

Top 3 InTouch Casinos

There are only a handful of online/mobile casinos that offer the InTouch brand of casino games. Here are the leading InTouch outlets:


mFortune mobile casino is probably the most recognised place for InTouch games, a kind of flagship site. It gives a £5 cash bonus, up to £100 deposit match, and ongoing 10% reload bonuses as well as specials through its social media pages like Facebook.

Mr Spin

Mr Spin is unique among InTouch branded sites in how it gives loads of free spins. When you joining you get 50 spins, and then every time a new slot is rolled out you get 30 free spins on it. You also get a 100% initial deposit match.


PocketWin is a streamlined mobile casino with just about the same package as mFortune (£5 free, 100% cash match, 10% lifetime deposit bonuses, friend referral thank-you of £5).

Why Play with InTouch Games?

What is different about InTouch is mainly the fact that this is a game studio making games exclusively for its own branded sites and their player communities.

This means that game titles are tailored closely for their end users. Here are the other key selling points for the InTouch online casinos above:

  • free cash, free spins and deposit bonuses do not have wagering requirements (so you can ‘keep what you win’ when playing with bonuses)
  • you won’t find InTouch games at online or mobile casinos other than their own branded sites (above) since these games are customised for InTouch customers
  • each InTouch site has a different portfolio of games in its portfolio — so obviously this casino provider is dedicated to offering unique experiences

InTouch vs. NetEnt

Okay, now that you have a sense of what sets InTouch Games casinos apart from the great throng of look-alike online casinos out there, let’s rejoin our starting suggestion about small and large game providers.

Made in the UK

InTouch is a relatively small scale UK based gaming company that caters directly to the communities of players whom it has attracted to its sites, like well known mFortune and its newer brand Mr Spin.

  1. It does not make blockbuster game titles to license out to countless run-of-the-mill casinos (the way business is done by NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, IGT and others).
  2. Nor does it offer any games that it has not made itself in-house. This gives InTouch great creative control over its gaming content.

Head to Head with NetEnt

In the vast world of real money mobile casinos InTouch is not really in direct competition with a massively popular game studio like NetEnt (out of Sweden). It is basically not a good comparison for a variety of reason including intended audience, amounts of players or sites using the games, or the look and feel of the gameplay.


While InTouch games like Alien Fruits or Cat and Mouse are very charming and natural looking, NetEnt games like Starburst and South Park Slots are super polished for mass audiences. It’s like the difference between indie, ‘arthouse’ cinema and major Hollywood movies, respectively.


One thing that is similar between InTouch and NetEnt is their fondness for offering free spins generously, and good bonuses in general. The other similarity is that both studios are devoted to players of mobile casino games primarily.

Why to get InTouch

We hope you have a very good idea of why InTouch games are well worth a try. They have a distinctive visual style in artwork and a very British sense of humour for game themes and their names (you can’t miss it!).

There are very solid reasons that despite the smaller scale of InTouch games, other larger casinos are liable to get judged using phrase such as, casinos like mFortune — but nothing else can come close!

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