iPhone Casino Sites

The iPhone has upheld the gold standard as a mobile gaming platform and device. There are many reasons for this reputation, which we’ll cover below, after first acquainting you briefly with these examples of excellent iPhone optimised casinos:

Top iPhone Casino Sites

Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral has just re-launched and now offers up to 500 free spins on your 1st deposit!

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Play Now! Read Terms & Conditions on website.

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Play Now! Read Terms & Conditions on website.

iPhone Apps vs Browser Based Sites

Not so long ago, the programming language of the Web, called HTML, jumped up to its fifth version. HTML5 ended the need to install special plugins like Flash in order for standard Web browsers to run advanced content like video and games.

This was amazing news for mobile users, too. In particular it meant that mobile gamers could be freed from having to download, install and update iphone casino apps from the Apple iTunes Store (and the same goes for Android and other devices).

Since HTML5 became the new standard, the most popular websites and apps across the board worked overtime to update their games — in many cases that was the end of many casino apps that switched to become browser-based games.

Are Casino Apps Finished?

We are still in a transitional period of the updating and upgrading process for HTML5. Not all online casino gaming has switched to in-the-browser setups; the market is still full of working casino apps and many sites still ask us to download and install their apps. Some providers have reasons not to switch immediately.


Just because a casino asks us to download an app does not mean it is behind the times, or that we shouldn’t trust it. 

There still are legitimate reasons for some casino oriented games to run as a ‘native app’ (that is a program on your phone or tablet rather than online). The main advantage is that such a program may operate without a working data connection if no betting is involved, such as training apps.

Pros and Cons of Browser-Based Games

Here are the specific points about in-browser games versus apps, to help you understand the changes occurring for mobile casinos:

PROS of Browser-Based Games

  • browser-based games never need updating
  • new versions can be played immediately
  • all players play the exact same games
  • multiplayer games work better
  • live dealer casinos can function optimally
  • more ‘social’ features are possible in the browser

CONS of Browser-Based Games

  • browser-based games require a data connection
  • connection speed must be fast and stable
  • only top game providers will offer them at first
  • players must adjust slightly to HTML5 gaming

Where can you play for free?

Some players may have associated downloading ‘free’ apps with playing free games, and so they may assume that if apps end then freebies are gone, too. But fortunately, that is not at all the case!

Real-cash Casinos with No-Deposit Offers

Even top casinos that handle real-money bets (rather than with just ‘play’ chips) offer plenty of free games, or promotions that add starter cash to a new player’s bankroll balance. These offers are known as ‘no-deposit’ bonuses, because players can use them without adding their own money first.

The recommended casinos above offer both free cash and free spins to new members, sometimes before depositing. They also give plenty of ongoing promotions (including top up bonuses, loyalty points, tournaments and so on) that multiply players’ own cash.

Did you know that betting is not the only way to play even at real money sites? You usually can also flip over to demo mode, for free practice time. Also, as you can see next, there still are many apps that are ‘just for fun’ without real money.

Just for Fun Apps

Zynga Poker: Texas Holdem

This is one of the largest free poker networks in the world. Download it here and start with 60,000 free chips! You can also score huge daily bonuses of play cash. Zynga Poker is a social game, so you can login with Facebook, play in leagues and play anywhere you go.

Blackjack by TapTapBoom

This is a very stylish card game that features HD graphics, large cards and no unnecessary buttons, all of which makes it easy to play when you’re mobile. 100 free chips come to you every hour! Download it here and begin the challenge of unlocking new levels or buying new table themes with your chips.

Slots by Storm8

If slots are your thing then with this free app you will have endless fun, since it updates with new themes. You get very loose 5-reel slots, with up to 30 paylines, such as Pharaoh’s Treasures and Alien Invasion. Download it here to put a free slot machine into your pocket or purse!

As you can see, iphone casinos are alive and well, either as apps or games to play inside your mobile Web browser. Both have their place in your gaming life and it’s part of the great variety and fun for Apple users who love high-quality  casino entertainment!

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