iPad-Optimised Casinos Perfected

Lucky Admiral Casino Click Here to Claim your BONUS! In this article we’ll learn how to enjoy the most from your Apple-friendly casinos, or, make sure that your present favourite apps are optimised for the Apple system.

Apple does not just have unique programming, or OS (operating system); Apple gives users the best hardware quality on the market. That shows up most in its high-resolution displays, for example, and its sturdy iPad construction. First let’s cover the basics to know about casino apps that can live up to Apple’s famous iPhone and iPad gaming power. The company does not reveal too much in the way of technical specs about its processors, but the devices’ touch-screens feel quicker than the finger, if you like. That is perfect for needed control over your mobile Poker hands or slots sessions.

Most iPad-Friendly Casinos Compared

Take a look at our list of a few mobile Apple-enabled sites that, moreover, live up to the high standards of your Apple tablet:

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Test Your Casino’s iPad Optimisation

We want to take you through a simple checklist to help you get a sense of how well your chosen casino is performing. You can also use these hints to judge new games or sites you come across. By the way, these points also lead to a sense of how much value a casino is offering with its app for Apple players especially. That is because when a casino takes the time to match Apple performance, you can be fairly assured that its overall technology is the best quality.

  1. The first and most basic thing to check is that the app’s game layout adapts to rotate. Why play a game that cannot flip and show itself in full bloom? This is probably the simplest compatibility issue. Even if an app can rotate and fill your screen properly (whether iPhone or iPad) that does not mean it fulfills the other performance benchmarks below. Read on.
  2. Display quality: When an app or website has not optimised for Apple standards it won’t be supplying rich enough graphics. Its images may look blurry or pixelated on Apple’s outstanding Retina display technology. It’s sharper than natural human vision, so your casino app had better supply enough resolution!
  3. Next, on the software side, an Apple-friendly casino will not bother you with Flash videos or games based on Flash — because as you’ve probably heard, Apple frowns upon the Flash plugins or apps (and they don’t run on iPhone or iPad). So, your best casinos give you apps for free download, or, games that work in the mobile browser window. We think this point, practically, may be the best of all, since it makes mobile gaming faster, which is what it should be. You should have nothing to download at many of the top Apple-dedicated casinos. The leading gaming technology is moving toward Web-based games rather than apps, anyway — just like Apple’s Steve Jobs predicted.

Real Money vs. Free/Fun

Lastly, let’s also mention that you have non-cash options for enjoying the iPad casino experience. There are various apps or mobile sites (some in Apple’s App Store) that give you practice time and tips from pros, or just light fun with social networking features built-in. After all, why not save some money playing your favourite iPad casino by  breaking up sessions with free games? Even the sites we suggest above offer freebies or free demo modes. Web-powered casinos designed for Apple devices like iPad could be thought of as the state of the art. Make sure your games are fully optimised to get the full experience!

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