PayPal Casinos

Before examining the ins and outs of using the web’s most trusted payment method, it’s first time to look at some of the finest PayPal casino sites.

Best PayPal Casinos

The following online casinos that accept PayPal are also able to share generous bonuses and an array of superb gaming content. 

Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral Casino

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Play Now! Read Terms & Conditions on website.

How to Join PayPal


Probably the first and most important reason that the PayPal option at your favourite casino’s deposit screen is great is just how easy it is to join PayPal in the first place. Check out how in this straightforward guide:


PayPal Step-by-step


Firstly, did you know that anybody can send you money with PayPal, even if they are not a member yet? Having a friend or family send you some cash, and then being notified on email by PayPal that you’re that much richer, is the best way to join, by far.


  1. In any case, whether you click the link in your email, or you decide to join on your own, you’ll just go to

  2. Click ‘Sign Up’ (top right button).

  3. Provide your working email address.

  4. Choose a good password for your new PayPal account.

  5. As far as signing up, you are done. 

  6. Once you have some cash in the balance, you can start using your PayPal account (read below about your balance options).

  7. To take full advantage of PayPal services, you’ll want to link your normal bank account or credit/debit card so you can transfer money back and forth freely.


Building Your PayPal Balance


Okay, you have an account. Congratulations on being a PayPal member. Now, you’re wondering how to get cash into that account balance. To deposit with PayPal for yourself is not the only option, and that should be great news.


· Get paid on eBay: PayPal and eBay are integrated, so if you sell things online, then PayPal will be your cash register.

· Payments from anybody: You don’t even have to sell on eBay to get paid on PayPal. Apply for a link so that anybody can send you cash, for any reason.

· Transfers from friends and family: Did you know that non-commercial payments from people you know anywhere on earth are absolutely free with PayPal?

· Deposit from your bank: The leading reason to use PayPal is for security, since when you use it online you are anonymous (just like when you hand over cash in stores). It is absolutely safe to link your normal financial account – no online shop or casino will ever see it.

· Withdraw casino winnings: This definitely is the most fun way to add cash to your PayPal balance.


PayPal Compared to Other Methods


So, you’re pretty clear at this point how PayPal works, how easy it is to sign up, and to use it. But what about other online payment methods you have seen? Why choose PayPal and not, for example, paysafecard or pay-by-phone for casino deposits?


Lastly, we’ll help you compare and weigh your options at PayPal casinos since this e-wallet is not the only payment option usually offered. There are also cash vouchers like paysafecard and also mobile payments, such as pay with phone bill:


PayPal… vs. paysafecard vs. Pay-by-phone
Security PayPal and paysafecard both keep your identity and bank accounts confidential. But PayPal is safer since you could lose the Paysafecard voucher number you bought. Security-wise, PayPal and paying with your mobile account are about equal – aside from having your phone stolen.
Ease of use PayPal is easier to use simply because you have to purchase a Paysafecard at a convenience store or online, but PayPal is a completely online tool. PayPal and pay-by-phone bill are both easy, but all you need is a mobile number to deposit using your phone bill.
Deposits Paysafecard is limited to denominations from £10 to £100, but you can put as much cash in your PayPal account as you wish.  PayPal is close to unlimited, whereas your phone bill charging up to £30 per month is the typical limit.
Withdrawals No, for the most part, as this approach is far more restricted compared to casinos accepting PayPal. No, you cannot withdraw casino funds to your mobile billing balance. Yes, in that PayPal does allow you to withdraw.

The PayPal Advantage

So, there you have it. We hope our casinos pay by PayPal guide has answered your questions and you now feel ready to start playing. There aren’t many safer, easier, or more powerful ways to enjoy online casino games than by using PayPal.

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