Keno Online

Lucky Admiral Casino Click Here to Claim your BONUS! Keno is one of those games that everyone either knows about or is a prolific player of. This lottery-style game has seen unmatched success in recent years thanks to the increasing popularity of online casino games. Giving their members the chance to play what is essentially their own high-speed game of Bingo, Keno has become one of the main pillars of what makes casino gaming so great.

What Are The Rules of Keno?

Although it may look a little daunting at first, gameplay in Keno is very easy. Players are given 80 numbers arranged in grid shaped cards and you can select up to 10 of those numbers. Depending on the version of the game you’ll either have 20 random balls fired onto your card or just numbers read off, for every match you get you’ll land a cash prize.The more numbers you match, the bigger the prize at the end, it’s as simple as that.

Strategies And Tips for Keno

There is no real strategy for Keno as winning is down to pure luck. You could try spacing out your numbers to cover as much ground as possible. The scattergun method works well for these games since their ball placement is random. One vital thing to remember is that Keno has low RTP compared with other casino games- not the best odds when you compare it to some slot games that tend to have a 90% RTP. So go in with a budget, once you had that limit of cash you walk away, don’t try to win it back as it will be impossible.

Free To Play Options

A great option would be to try and find a free to play option of Keno, you could play it on any ordinary casino site since the majority of them let users play for free. Playing for free is a great option as it lets you come up with your own strategy. Once you’ve had enough of practicing you can try playing the game for real cash, you can easily manage this by signing up to one of the countless online casinos with Keno that are available.

Keno Sample Reviews

Because of how popular a game Keno is there’s a ton of different sites to play on with each having its own unique spin on the classic game. But rather than list all of them we’ve decided to show what we consider to be the top three worth trying out.

Keeping it traditional’s Keno game features one gigantic board that fires out balls onto the board at a rather relaxed pace. With the ability to wager between 0.02 pence and £10 on every round you’re guaranteed to love this game.

Cosmik Casino:

Keno is so popular with Cosmik Casinos that they’ve got not one, but three different types. First up is the standard Keno game, featuring a nice immersive design that sets you inside a casino, players are given two tables on top of one another and the option of playing either one game, five games or ten games at a time. With the ability to wager anywhere between £1 and £5, this game really captures the key components of a fun Keno game. In their Traditional Keno game they have only one window and the numbers are marked off at high speed with large ‘X’ symbols. It’s a very minimalistic design that gives you a nice kick of nostalgia as it harkens back to the original game. Finally there’s their Instant Keno game, with a simplistic design this fun title gives players two tables to play across and high speed gameplay that gets you big wins fast.


888 really go all out with their Keno game, shown on a gigantic electronic board it’s more quiz show game than casino title. With 80 numbers and the ability to play 10 games in a row 888’s brilliant Keno game is definitely worth trying out. So we hope that by using this helpful list you’ll now know everything there is about Keno games and that the next time you see one you’ll give this fun little arcade title a try.

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