Best Casino Apps for Android

With many people using apps today, we have done our research and decided to draw up a list of the TOP FOUR most popular. We’ll start with a look at real money Android casino apps and games.

Top Android Casinos

Our favourite Android­ friendly casinos Android users can enjoy are:

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Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral Casino

Lucky Admiral has just re-launched and now offers up to 500 free spins on your 1st deposit!

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Top 5 Apps to Play for Fun

It’s not all about playing for real cash; free casino games for Android are also available to you online. Here are a few of today’s most popular titles on Google Play Store:

1. Zynga Poker — Texas Holdem

This is the famous Zynga Poker game and it’s certainly one app that can be enjoyed whenever you don’t want to mess around with your own cash. It is popular worldwide, and since it is ‘social’ enabled you can play it with your friends online. You can play at any table of your choice, with two levels of stakes, and at the same time meet new people from all over the globe! Play online poker, casual or on VIP tables. The board will display rankings and even have a gift shop where players can choose to decorate their cozy chairs. When you download it (here you get 60,000 free chips.

2. Baccarat Online 3D Free Casino

Gamespring has created an incredibly realistic looking and playing 3D Baccarat game with the largest online community of players. It is a ‘social’ game (connect with your Facebook account), which means you can play with your own friends as well as thousands of others. It has a great scorecard feature, so you can study your game and improve it. It has three modes (squeeze, slide, automatic), as well as three speeds. Just download it, here and play the TapJoy challenges to get free chips!

3. Roulette — Casino Style!

You can play on both American and European tables (5 to choose from) with this nicely realistic game, which features plenty of help to get up to speed on the 20 types of bets in Roulette. Some of the features include life­like sound effects, achievements you can unlock as you play and a leader board. Download the app here and then scoop up daily and hourly free chip offers!

4. Blackjack 21 — Online Casino

We are really impressed by the slick graphics and overall polish of this free Blackjack title by KamaGames. It has powerful features like no­registration demo mode, the ability to chat with other players and see their faces, learning modes, reward levels and it is networked with its Texas Poker and Roulettist games. Download it here and then visit the app daily for free chips.

5. Pocket Bingo Pro

You can play bingo with this Android app ‘Pocket Bingo Pro’, which is a leading game available on Google Play for only $0.99! Play realistic games which include live wallpapers.  Refer your friends to this app and you will be rewarded with extra credits. You can play up to three tickets on the game, and it has awesome features like Vegas style rooms!

Best Android Devices for Gaming

The marketplace for Android smartphones and tablets is much richer in terms of variety and selection than Apple’s line. Another fact about these devices in general is that they are, by their basic specs, excellent for gaming. Tablets, by and large, have gained the reputation for being the best portable gaming devices invented so far!

As with most electronics, when you pay more you get faster processors, more RAM (for quickness) and most importantly for gamers, sharper touch screens.

Unless you compare the lowest priced models with highest, however, the middle ground is very similar and competitive in terms of performance. Here are a couple opinions about interesting models of mobile devices for reference:

Google Nexus

The Nexus line is pretty much the flagship device for Android OS since it is designed and sold by Google, the inventor of Android’s open source code. This is the base system, whereas most of the other big brands like Samsung develop their own versions packed with their own features.

Nexus hardware is top of the line, and yet the price tags are not exorbitant (it is part of Google’s marketing strategy to keep their price points low). That makes Nexus a super value for gamers.

Asus Zen series

Over the past couple of years, Asus (which incidentally made the Nexus 7 tablet for Google in 2012) has released its award­winning Zenfone and tablet series, with surprisingly low prices. These devices feature the amazing Zen OS based upon Android, and they have all the hardware features important for gaming.

Differences between Android and Apple iOS?

You may wonder whether Apple’s products (iPhone and iPad) really are worth the extra cash. Although iOS users will swear by their brand and have notorious loyalty to it, we must say that Apple basically is a kind of designer or luxury product.

The ‘interface’ of iOS is unique and extremely smart, true; but Android has evolved very fast and has now reached a high level of quality and polish, certainly comparable to Apple’s system. Android and Apple are not as different as they once were.

NOTE: One aspect that Apple devices are known for, honestly, is their touch screen sensitivity and quickness: it is the industry standard, and it is an important feature for gaming. (Nice to have, but not absolutely necessary, either.)

That is fortunate, since Android is featured on a wide field of branded devices that are more affordable, and come in more form factors to fit a greater variety of people’s needs (and hands!).

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