Multi-Hand Blackjack Online

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Casino players who are extremely familiar with the intricacies of games like blackjack will often welcome the opportunity to play multi-hand versions that give them the potential to win more by playing anywhere from two to five hands at once, depending on the version. This guide will introduce you to the best real-money versions as well as cover competing games. You can also check out how the game works.

Real Money Blackjack

Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand – Microgaming is the developer behind this multi-hand version of blackjack. Played with a European version of blackjack, the game integrates two decks and lets you choose from one of four different tables. The chips in multiples of one, two, five, and 10. You can increase bets quickly by clicking on the 2x option that arises after placing the chip. Microgaming has given you five separate places for playing hands. NetEnt Multi-Hand Blackjack – A new multiple hand blackjack game was unveiled by NetEnt in 2015, which is important because developers can often slack off from creating new versions of table games. From that perspective, it is worth sampling NetEnt’s latest multi-hand blackjack game. NetEnt has created a game with crystal clear graphics and which can play out extremely quickly, but you do only have three places to play hands, which is two fewer than Microgaming’s version above.

Gaming Strategy

Blackjack is a card-based casino game in which you want to be dealt an ace and a face-card on your first two cards, which equates to having 21. However, you might receive much lower cards and have to work your way up to 21 with more than just two, and this is where odds come in to play. In fact, the odds are more complex than the rules, which dictate that ace is worth one or 11, face-cards are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their numeric value. Playing multi-hand blackjack provides additional complexity in that you have to think about multiple hands during the same round. However, just ensure that you stick with a set strategy of hitting to 15 or 16 and you can avoid confusion. Check out your game to see what number the dealer has to hit to and/or stand on. Some blackjack games will offer you a return to player (RTP) percentage of close to 100%. You should try out some of the following free apps to build experience.

Free Versions to Play

Blackjack Multi Hand – Available free for Android devices via Google Play, it is possible to play up to three hands at once in Blackjack Multi Hand. The app will only take up approximately 8mb of space and has now been installed more than 100,000 times on Android devices. Blackjack 21 – Free multi-hand blackjack is also available via the App Store, which can give Apple players access to the superior Blackjack 21 Pro. Play up to three hands at once after downloading this app that takes up approximately 32mb of space.

Multi-Hand Blackjack Comparison

Multi-hand blackjack mobile is possible to find, but it can be tough to actually come across a good version. This is due to the multi-hand nature of the game making it difficult to see and cycle through all of your options on a smaller screen. However, you will be fine with a larger smartphone or tablet. Larger screens will bring you closer to the immersive style of desktop gaming. A close game with which to compare multi-hand blackjack is multi-wheel roulette, which can place up to eight wheels on the screen. However, this feels somewhat unnecessary because you get countless betting options during a round of roulette. In contrast, you are much more limited in single-hand blackjack, which explains the need for a version with multiple hands.

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