European Roulette

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Roulette is a European casino game. Yet its popularity lead to international variations that eventually made it necessary to call the original version ‘European Roulette’, you see.

Before we give you a detailed primer on this exciting game of chance, let’s look at the most stylish online casinos that offer european roulette online today:

Best Casinos for Roulette

The interesting thing is that before the Web, Roulette had been a game reserved for the most elite players at land­based casinos (kept in private high­stakes rooms). Casinos were careful, because large sums of money could be won on a single spin.

Fortunately, the following sites have brought the game down to earth, making it available to anybody, even for low stakes!

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Other Types of Roulette

European Roulette gets its name when compared to American Roulette mainly, although there are new and creative versions emerging. The gameplay is simple, with its rotating wheel with slots for the ball to land in.

The main difference between games is not that large: in the original or European game there are 36 numbered slots, either black or red, plus one Zero (0) slot (belonging to the house). In American Roulette there are two house slots, a Zero and double­Zero (00).

Any new variations will introduce different ways to bet, since in Roulette it is betting that gives the game all of its character and interest for actual players. That will be easier to explain in the next section on Rules. Read on!

Rules of European Roulette

As we just suggested above, the basic gameplay in Roulette is simple:

  1. Decide the amount you’re going to wager
  2. Decide how to bet on where to ball lands
  3. Place your bet on the betting grid correctly
  4. Wait for the spinner and watch where the ball lands

That’s it! In Roulette, the most challenging aspects for players who are new to the game are learning the many kinds of bets to make, and knowing where to place their chips on the board. Otherwise, the concept and gameplay of this game is very simple.

Fortunately, online versions make the betting options and rules for placing one’s bets much simpler to master! Here are the basics of the 15 types of bets you can make in Roulette:

  1. Bet on a single numbered slot (the most difficult win)
  2. Outside bet: 6 types of general bets, like Black or Odd
  3. Inside bet: select only a few slots (for higher payouts)


Each type of Bet in Roulette has a precise corresponding place to put your chips on the betting table. Online versions have helpful guides so you can learn these!

Strategy for Roulette Players

As have said, Roulette is a game of pure chance, but it requires skill and knowledge to bet correctly. The main points of european roulette strategy that players should know are:

  • managing your betting budget over many rounds
  • deciding how to choose and repeat your bets

The Role of Chance

You see, Roulette will require you to make a certain decision about chance itself — in this case the probability of the ball landing in certain types of slots over many rounds. For example, after one spin, you must decide whether you feel there is a greater chance the next spin will be very different or not.

Get Your Roulette Game On!

The thrill of playing Roulette must be experienced directly, or you may not know why people love it so much. Fortunately, trying European roulette free of the high costs that came with it historically is possible with online and mobile casinos. Now is your chance to learn this classic game!

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