High Stakes Casino Games

Wagering is integral to your experience at online casinos, so it’s imperative for your gaming that you take some time consider what you are shelling about on each stake.

Best Online Casinos with High Stakes

The marketplace is filled with high stakes online casino destinations, but some are better at giving you choices than others:

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Why Play High

Typically, the lure of playing at a high limit casino is the case of risk vs. reward. By staking more, you are in a position to win more, but there are pros and cons to think about.

The Pros

·  Bigger winnings: The most obvious pro is that you stand to make much more money by staking £100 instead of just £10. This step can be simplified simply by playing a table game where even-money payouts are given for winnings. 

·  Wagering controls: These days, the top casino sites have a stronger sense of moral responsibility. And one way that they can help is by enabling you to assign wagering and depositing controls on your account. Don’t be afraid to just enter you account to impose changes or else speak to customer service for assistance.

·  Expert stakes: For experts who play games by the odds, they can get to utilise their full skillset and enter a higher level of gaming. 

The Cons

·  Greater losses: The downside of staking £100 rather than £10 is that you will be much deeper in the hole if you lose. For this reason, you should only engage in high stakes gambling if you can afford to cope with the loss in earnings.

·  Betting control: You never want to commit to a place with online casino no bet limit, as these gaming sites are not engaging in responsible gambling. This is not one vs. one poker and you should look for betting limits, even if they are really high.

·  Smaller percentage bonuses: Being a high stakes player will result in casinos giving you bonuses with smaller percentages because of the larger deposits. For example, a 200% bonus might drop down to £50 if you elect to deposit £1,000 after signing up for the casino.

·  Proof of identity: High stakes players are more likely to encounter administrative red tape when making withdrawals. First of all, you could be required to present information to prove your identity and place of residence. 

·  Withdrawal limits: You also need to pay attention to the wagering limits, as these might call for you to remove your winnings in instalments over longer periods of time.

How High to Go

The on-going issue of online gambling is that some players wager without structure and have no idea when to stop. To help address this issue, here are some mental calculations for staying in control on slots or table games:

·  Set a budget: Definite the amount of money you can afford to lose in a session.

·  Time the session: Set a time limit for you gaming session as B.

·  Estimate the hands/spins: Think about many spins or hands you will play in one minute of your session and this will be C.

·  Slot example: £1,000 (A) / (10 minutes [B] x 30 spins [C]) = £3.33 per spin during 10 minutes of playing a video slot.

·  Blackjack example: £1,000 (A) / (60 minutes [B] x 0.20 hands [C]) = £83.33 per blackjack hand in one hour.

· Keep thinking: As you can imagine, there are so many different variables that will impact your gaming session. Therefore, you might also want to assign a target – for example, doubling your money – and leave once you reach it. Gambling does not mean you have to spend all of your money in a session.

This guide will give you some food for thought on the concept of the high stakes casino. Always make sure to think about your wagering and make some decisions to help you retain control.

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