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Out there in the world of real money online and mobile casinos, the theme of pirates on the high seas is very common. Maybe you’re attracted to pirate lore but you don’t necessarily need a slot for betting.

This free (non-cash) pirate kings game by Chinese maker AppAsia Studio offers a little twist, with the juxtaposition of pirates as kings — or perhaps it is just a way to say that these pirates were the best. Let’s see how good this slot is!

Pirate Rules

This slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. There is a very simple side game where you predict the next playing card to ‘double up’ your winnings. All the symbols are very generic pirate stuff, like a cannon, a haunted anchor, treasure chest, a antique pistol, sword and so forth.

There is not much to playing this slot, to tell the truth. The reels spin without a notable swish or any special behaviours. You won’t find a lot of innovative details in the symbols to watch for (such as expanding wilds or stacking).

Tips for Plundering

Since there would not be a lot of pirate kings tips as such, since this slot is very simple (and in the just-for-fun, non-cash category), we would just suggest that you have your expectations in check.

This basically is a light time pass sort of slot for your Apple or Android smartphone and tablet. It’s free to play and you’re given loads of free chips. The slot is pretty loose, so even its publisher admits (confirmed by player reviews) that you probably won’t be in want for extra coins.

Strategy of Pirates

Because pirate kings free spins will be showering down on you as you spin this game, strategy won’t be needed! Just sit back and allow yourself to giggle as you while away a few spare moments on this one.

Can You Win Any Real Treasure?

The only booty you’ll get winning on this slot will be the lighthearted respect of your Facebook Friends if you choose to post screenshots of your successes (yes, the game ties up with Facebook to let you do this).

To be utterly clear, maties: Pirate Kings is free to download and is not a real gambling slot. You can only win fake money coins to keep playing. If you run out, you can gamble a little cash (about a quid) to buy loads of extra coins.

How Does it Compare to NetEnt and IGT Slots?

To be honest, this game is not in the same league as a NetEnt game like Gonzo’s Quest or any of IGT’s classic online slots (which you can play for real cash and win jackpots). The graphics, sound, gameplay and bonus round in this game are passable, but nothing to write home about.

Do You Want to Be a Pirate?

Despite the unimaginative theme and mediocre quality of pirate kings we must be fair and mention that it has a couple good manners.

First, it’s free and you probably won’t have to spend anything to keep playing it … for a long time, if you dare.

Secondly, you can play it when you’re offline (such as on an airplane, if you use earbuds to save the other passengers from hearing all your pirate slang!).

Third? You definitely give your Facebook friends some giggles when you post all your pirate adventures with this free and just-for-fun casual slot.

You won’t be bringing home any life changing jackpots playing it, so you may as well get some laughs instead!

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