Which Online Casino Game Has The Best Odds?

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When it comes to gambling there’s one thing we always have on the forefront of our minds, what the online casino games with best odds are. It’s a rather difficult answer to nail down as it varies from game to game with each having different odds on return than the other.

Which Has The Best Odds?

In order to figure out exactly which online casino game has the best odds we’ve comprised an extensive list of the various genres of games and some of the types of titles you can expect to play within these genres.

Card Games:

First up is card games, these fun little titles come with relatively large odds on return since the majority of card games are easy enough to get to grips with. Its thanks to how easy they can be that players can figure out what the best tactics are and how to use this to their advantage. The card game to get the most amount of return from is normally Blackjack, it’s easy to play as all it require is that players beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going ‘bust’. Most games of Blackjack come with a huge RTP of 99% which means that the house edge is 1%. A good tip for winning a game of Blackjack is to either play in a real casino or on an online live match as often as possible. Being able to play it in person with other people means that you can easily ask the other players and even the dealer for help if you’re having any problems, plus you can also get suggestions on whether you should ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’.

Table Games:

Although you could say that table games could apply to card games as well, it’s solely used to refer to games like Roulette and Craps. The table games usually tend to have quite a large rate of return because of how many different ways there are to wager and how easy their games are to play. This applies to Roulette rather well as the huge table on Roulette gives you specific odds on each section of the board. Having a large number of betting sections means that you have a wider range of items to wager on, for example you can bet that the ball will stop on a ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ section or an ‘Odd’ or ‘Even’. As a bonus in Roulette each section comes with their own special odds on return, the ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ areas usually come with odds of ‘2:1’ on top of your cash, whilst the single number bets give out ‘35:1’ although these amounts vary from table to table. If you’re going to play a game of Roulette your best option would be to play European Roulette as it has the highest rate of return than all the other variants.

Slot Games:

Finally there’s Slot games, which are not only great fun but as far as odds on return are concerned no one slot game is the same. The reason a slot games odds are always in flux is that the RTP is calculated across the entirety of a slot games life span and is always being adjusted to balance investments from players with cash payouts. With newer games the odds on return are always better because their RTP still relatively high. That’s why a lot of the new games tend to be so popular because all the players flocking to them are trying to get as much cash out of the high RTP as possible. With the older slot games the RTP is always considerably lower, which is why they tend to be less popular and are always dumped further down the game list on casino sites. Picking something new in the catalogue like Jack and The Beanstalk or Gonzo’s Quest is always a good option as both are relatively new games and they come with fun bonus rounds that can maximise your cash intake.

Worth Considering

There’s one thing that you should always consider before you invest in a casino game and that’s whether the odds they’re advertising are the odds you’ll get. There are a lot of games that claim they’re the easiest online casino games to win in but quite often their RTP is extremely low. A good way of testing this is to try a demo of the game first to figure out how often it pays out before you put any cash in. So in future when you go to pick a casino game, take some time to figure out which of them has the best odds on return, that way you can get more mileage out of your money.

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